Welcome to ‘Love, Sarah Lynn’

Dear Reader,

Have you ever loved something so much, that when you see it or when it happens, your heart nearly bursts out of your chest? Be it the sunrise or sunset, the first snow of the season, a puppy, or finishing a good book.

If you’re anything like me, this happens more often than not because you’ve found joy in so many things around you. There’s a good chance that you’ve experienced some sort of pain or loss, and it just made the pink sky that much more beautiful the next time you saw a sunset.

My name is Sarah Lynn and I am 2* years old. I love Jesus, coffee, snow, and laughing. I am just beginning my missionary journey and I sing in the worship team at church. I love the smell of a fresh cut field at sunrise, but I also love the noise of a busy coffee shop.

I pray the words you read here encourage you to have faith, inspire you to live your dreams, and help you believe in the power of Jesus.

Love, Sarah Lynn


Photo Credit: Just Smile Photography




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