Writings from the Heart


I close my eyes and open my heart.
My knees bowed and my spirit lifted.
The duty of an intercessor,
I begin to speak.

Thankful, I praise.
Grateful, I worship.
In my room and on my floor,
But part of something more.

“My Father in heaven,”
But with me and in me.
How can it be?

I lift my hands,
“Come, pick me up,”
Show me Your way.
I need to know what to pray.

I’m not alone.
I’m with the Body.
Joined in the cause;
The battle with our enemy.

We know how it works.
We’re told to do it.
Connecting with the heart of the Father;
He’ll see to it.

Everything bottled up finally out.
Every weighted concern finally lifted.
At the foot of the cross
The world shifted.

Broken chains and stitched hearts.
Prayer isn’t just a part.

In all things,
Pray without ceasing.
Be anxious for nothing.
This command is everything.

I know the power of prayer.
I will continue to pray.
In the highs and in the lows.
Every single day.

Taste and see.
Pray and believe.
The words you speak
Aren’t empty.

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