Writings from the Heart

Mascara Stains

She has mascara stains on her pillow.

Every day she runs into her room and hides her face in the pillow. She cries all the time and she hopes the pillow muffles the sound of her sobs. She doesn’t remember ever crying this much, but one day she found herself sitting on the floor on the side of her bed, with tears uncontrollably falling from her eyes. It never stopped. She cries every night. In her pillow or on her floor, she cries hopeless tears.

She doesn’t know that one day soon her tears will begin to flow from a different place in her heart. The rivers of hopelessness will begin to flow with different water.

She’s crying right now- broken, empty, and lost- but soon, very soon, the source of her tears will come from a place of hope and healing. Her heart is going to be mended and filled. She’ll see clearly again, but this time, she’ll see life through different eyes.

Beautiful and pure waters will begin to remove the muddy water.

She doesn’t know it yet, but one day she’s going to come home, and instead of running and hiding her face in the pillow, she’ll run and hide in the shadow of peace, joy, and Love.

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