Songs of Waiting

She Needs Jesus

This one is for everyone; men, women, and myself.

Last week I wrote about how Jesus is the most important quality in a man, and this week I tell you that it is also the most important quality in a woman. Men, look for a woman who has Jesus, and women, we need to seek Jesus.

I’m talking beyond the first time you pray the sinner’s prayer and beyond church services. I mean cultivating a relationship with Jesus- spending time in His Word, in prayer and worship, and just sitting in His presence and letting Him in. He is our first love. We will never find a love like His love. No matter how much any man seeks Jesus, we will never find a love like His.

This is something we as emotional creatures, who desire to be cared for and loved, need to understand. This is why it’s so important for us to seek Jesus. When our hearts are hidden in Him, filled with Him, and connected to His, there is no room for anything or anyone else that is not of Him. We won’t be so quick to give ourselves- our time, our hearts, or our bodies- away to the first man who gives us attention.

We need Jesus because He’ll guide us as we navigate through the dating world and lead us to choose a man who looks like Him. We give our hearts to Him so He can choose who gets to be second in command. If he’s seeking Jesus and she’s seeking Jesus, it will be a pure and blessed relationship.

As a quality, like fruits of the man who has a relationship with Jesus, Jesus will show in a woman. A woman who has Jesus will be picky and have standards, because her heart belongs to the One who created it and saved it. She will not look to anyone or anything outside of Jesus to fulfill her because she knows that her worth is found in Him. A woman who has Jesus will live for Jesus; she won’t be seductive or promiscuous, but pure in her intentions, modest in her appearance, and careful in her speech. And, a woman who loves Jesus will have the conviction of the Holy Spirit. She will set and keep boundaries. If Jesus has her heart, a man will have to seek Him to get to it.

Women, Jesus needs to be the anchor of our lives so our actions, thoughts, and motives will come from His love. I wrote a couple weeks ago about having a pure heart, and a pure heart comes from Jesus. When we seek Jesus, spend time with Him, and cultivate that relationship with Him, we will be drenched in Jesus. We will be the women that God created and purposed us to be.

Until next week,

Love, Sarah Lynn

Jesus, I thank You for Your love that sustains is and hold us. I thank You for wanting our hearts, for protecting them and keeping them. Keep us close to You as we walk through this life. Keep us pure and help us know that Your love is the love we desire, that Your love is the love that completes us. We give You our hearts, to hold and to love, they belong to You. Increase Your love in our lives. In the loving name of Jesus I pray, amen.

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