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When the Label Becomes the Lifestyle

Has anyone ever called you a Christian, as if the word rolling off their tongue was a bad word? Has anyone ever given you "the look" when you tell them that you're a Christian (you know, the one where their eyes are puzzled, their eyebrow is raised, and their lips are pressed together and the… Continue reading When the Label Becomes the Lifestyle

Christian Living

I Am the Lord Your God Who [Insert Miracle Here]

Do you ever look back on your life and realize that God had His hand over you the whole time? Even if you didn't realize it in the moment, God was moving mountains for you. Or do you ever remember that trial, the one where you couldn't see a way out, and God rescued you?… Continue reading I Am the Lord Your God Who [Insert Miracle Here]

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Jesus, Proved

I love when I reread portions of scripture and verses that I paid no attention to the first time around pop out. I either think, "Oh, wow!" or "Duh!" It was the former in this case as I read Acts 4. We all know about Acts. The Church was doing amazing things for the Kingdom,… Continue reading Jesus, Proved

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He Already Thought for Me

I overthink literally, not figuratively, everything. How I'm going to order my coffee at Starbucks, how it will go when I put gas in my car, what my friend meant when she didn't add a "!" at the end of her text like she usually does, and worst of all, I overthink God's plan and… Continue reading He Already Thought for Me

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Still I Know You’re There

If I do not feel You in the tears that flood my eyes Still I know You’re there If my heart is heavy or in a million pieces Still I know You’re there If I do not hear Your voice in my secret place Still I know You’re there If I feel defeated or insecure… Continue reading Still I Know You’re There

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Beauty from Ashes

I looked him in the eyes and gave him a somber smile. It was time for him to go. In just a few short hours, his life would change. I felt the anxiety from across the room. He grimly waved, turned around, and walked out of the door. I knew he'd walk into that room… Continue reading Beauty from Ashes

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When someone has done you wrong and hurt you- made you feel like your heart is anchored down, and you cry or you're filled with rage- you don't even want to look at this person because you're so disgusted. But you have to look at them and you have to talk to them and even… Continue reading Forgiveness

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Sunrises are different every morning. The sun rises at a different minute, never are the clouds positioned the same, and the colors are always different. Even when thick dark gray clouds are spread across the sky, we know the sun is there. We can’t see it, but we know it’s there. The sun rises, moves… Continue reading Sunrises

Christian Living

Great is His Faithfulness

I'm not kidding when I tell you that in the past month or so, one thing after another has happened to me. It hasn't only been little things, like losing a pair of shoes or twenty dollars, it's been big hardship after big hardship. I've felt every type of negative emotion - sorry, confused, hurt, anger,… Continue reading Great is His Faithfulness