Writings from the Heart

Keep On Going

I wrapped up my second year as a head cheer coach about a month ago. Last year, I ended the season thinking my next season would be so great, because I'd have different rules and more experience. Boy, was I wrong. It was a long, very stressful and frustrating season. I dealt with injuries, attitude,… Continue reading Keep On Going

Writings from the Heart


My soul is crushed. My heart is heavy. I don’t think there are any more tears left to cry, but still they flow. I want to be free. I need these burdens lifted. I just want to breathe. But I’d rather sit with my mouth shut. I’d rather wallow in the hurt. I choose to… Continue reading Release

Writings from the Heart

He Sees Me

I’m longing for someone to see me. To see my value beyond my titles and successes. To see that I too am human. I long for someone to think of my feelings, instead of assuming. To think that maybe I’m the one who needs a friend, or a shoulder to cry on. I long for… Continue reading He Sees Me

Writings from the Heart

Chosen by God

I am a woman chosen by God. I was knit together, piece by piece, with care and intent. I am purposed for this generation. I am purposed for this country and even for this community. Every step I take and will ever take has already been covered. He breathes breaths of grace and I am… Continue reading Chosen by God

Writings from the Heart

Judge Less, Smile More

There was something comforting about the man reading aloud to himself. He was sitting in Starbucks, alone on the stool. His hardcover copy of The Odyssey lay open on the counter. He held his glasses just above his eyes as he read, and his voice sounded old and raspy. He had stared at me, emotionless.… Continue reading Judge Less, Smile More

Writings from the Heart

On Love and People

I sat at the table with my family and gazed around the room. Some faces were happy as they remembered my dear cousin. Some faces were pale, with red tired eyes, as they held their tears in just trying to get through the rest of the afternoon. I walked over to the collage filled with… Continue reading On Love and People

Christian Living, Writings from the Heart

Still I Know You’re There

If I do not feel You in the tears that flood my eyes Still I know You’re there If my heart is heavy or in a million pieces Still I know You’re there If I do not hear Your voice in my secret place Still I know You’re there If I feel defeated or insecure… Continue reading Still I Know You’re There

Writings from the Heart

Somewhere at the Ranch

When I was a young girl, you could find me running around with my cousins in the front yard of the two bedroom, one bathroom, and one outhouse family ranch house. I'd be somewhere on the bottom of the hill, swimming somewhere in the cold river. I'd be somewhere on one of the hundreds of… Continue reading Somewhere at the Ranch

Writings from the Heart

I Want to Write About Everything

I want  to write about everything. I want to write about the cool October air and how it reminds me of my childhood. I want to write about the cows and why cow forty-nine is special to me. I want to write about the generosity of children, and how it inspires me. I want to… Continue reading I Want to Write About Everything

Writings from the Heart

A Heart of Worship

I don't want it to be Just another melody   Another song of emptiness  Another selfish plea  Words as sweet as honey But only to my ears  A song of adoration  But to whom? I can't be clear  Purposed for worship  I turn it in fame  I bring glory But to the wrong name  This… Continue reading A Heart of Worship