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What Does Purity Even Mean?

I think purity can seem self-explanatory, but having a better understanding of what purity is and how to walk in the path of purity, we are better equipped to live the lifestyle. As I was studying for this post, I was completely bombarded with scripture and revelation. I had a deer in head lights look… Continue reading What Does Purity Even Mean?

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God of Jacob

I've tried writing this post many times, but every time I try, I write too much and lose focus of what I am trying to say. There is just so much to learn from Jacob, but I'll try my best to stay focused on one point for this post. You guys, Jacob was a terrible… Continue reading God of Jacob

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His Reckless Love (Guest Post)

Readers, I am so excited for you to read this post by my dear friend Alyssa. Alyssa is a junior in high school, completely in love with Jesus. She is so wise and has such a gentle spirit, while unafraid to be real and speak the truth. So, without further delay, here is Alyssa's post: After… Continue reading His Reckless Love (Guest Post)

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I Am the Lord Your God Who [Insert Miracle Here]

Do you ever look back on your life and realize that God had His hand over you the whole time? Even if you didn't realize it in the moment, God was moving mountains for you. Or do you ever remember that trial, the one where you couldn't see a way out, and God rescued you?… Continue reading I Am the Lord Your God Who [Insert Miracle Here]