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Has your heart ever been so heavy it feels like it’s just going to fall right out of your chest? Or your mind is so cluttered and it just might explode if something else is put there? Or if one more bad thing happens you might just break, and then another bad thing happens. Do… Continue reading Jehovah-Shalom

Christian Living

Plans of Hope and a Future

If you would have told me that this is where I'd be at 23 years old, I would have laughed. I wouldn't have believed you. I never imagined myself here, but I can't remember half of the plans I had for myself at this age. I know it didn't look like this though. Never did… Continue reading Plans of Hope and a Future

Writings from the Heart

Keep On Going

I wrapped up my second year as a head cheer coach about a month ago. Last year, I ended the season thinking my next season would be so great, because I'd have different rules and more experience. Boy, was I wrong. It was a long, very stressful and frustrating season. I dealt with injuries, attitude,… Continue reading Keep On Going