Writings from the Heart

24 and On…

24 was quite the year ❤️

1. Don’t be afraid to dream God-sized dreams. They do come true.

2. Know God for yourself because when others hurt you, and they will, you know it wasn’t God who hurt you.

3. Your body and health is a gift. Take care of yourself.

4. The most freeing thing is to give up the control you never had in the first place.

5. Refiner’s Fire. He is faithful and loving to walk us through it all.

6. Once you’ve been on the other side of the clouds you see the storm differently.

7. Trials move the Word of God from your head to your heart; that’s when it becomes real.

8. As hard as it may be, be honest.

9. The word of God IS alive and active- apply it and see for yourself.

10. God wants us to experience the power of the Holy Spirit to its fullest, and it’s POWERFUL.

11. Need help forgiving someone? Use this: I forgive you and you don’t owe me anything. (Thank you for this Jenn Johnson!)

12. Signs, wonders, and miracles are still a thing.

13. You can be meek, but you are not a doormat. You are a child of God, with boldness and authority.

14. When you lose someone, take the emptiness of your heart to the feet of Jesus and let Him fill it.

15. Fear is an ugly lie. You have the empowerment to laugh in the face of fear.

16. With Jesus, you have the fountain of water that flows from Heaven to drink from whenever situations suck the life out of you.

17. Work out your own salvation.

18. You are not the Holy Spirit. Conviction doesn’t come from us.

19. The Bible is real life.

20. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, that’s why we’re told to run the race with endurance.

21. But He’ll deliver us from them all, that’s why we need to keep our eyes on Him.

22. When we place expectations on others and they don’t meet them, can we really be upset?

23. Holiness comes from Jesus. Only Jesus.

24. Jesus truly does love us too much to leave us where we are.

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4 thoughts on “24 and On…”

  1. You’ve learned much! Continue in His wisdom, knowledge and understanding! And happy birthday!

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