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Welcome to ‘Love, Sarah Lynn’

Dear Readers,

First of all, thank you so much for your faithful support. I am truly grateful to have this audience of readers. In efforts to take my writing deeper and more personable, I have changed the name of my site to, ‘Love, Sarah Lynn’. The content and nature of my site will be the same, but I am excited to add new projects and contributors.

I have always been so nervous to share what I write with the world, especially my close friends and family. I am not an open book, but a very quiet person; this site has always been my hiding place, and to let people in is scary. And to add to that, I am inspired by almost every person I meet, and what if they know I’m writing about them?

As I was expressing my fears and hesitations with a close friend, he told me, “It sounds to me like you’re choosing to side with your pride over the possibility of encouraging somebody.” I was instantly convicted. I know I don’t know everything, but I have gone through some things, and there’s is always space for everyone to share.

My heart’s desire for my writing and this site is to give you all, the readers, a place to be encouraged, inspired, and believe even more in the promises of God. I pray you enjoy the new site, new content, and new people.

Thank you and be blessed.


Sarah Lynn

4 thoughts on “Welcome to ‘Love, Sarah Lynn’”

  1. Writing “it all down” can be so thereputic! Keep up the good work that He has laid before you!

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